Organization of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (“OHSE”)

Roles, responsibilities and authority are needed to manage, carry out and verify activities that have an impact on the Quality-OHSE of the activities and processes carried out. The implementation of the Quality-OHSE management system is documented and communicated to facilitate supervision. The main responsibility for Quality-OHSE is held by top management of PT Sillo Maritime Perdana Tbk (“the Company”) as the ultimate holder of responsibility. The Top Management of the Company will demonstrate its commitment by:


a) ensuring the availability of all important resources to establish, implement, maintain and develop the Quality-OHSE management system (including human resources and specific skills, organizational infrastructures, technological and financial resources).

b) establishing the roles, responsibilities and authority of delegation of duties to create effective Quality-OHSE Management.

Company’s OHSE Policy

The Company places first priority for OHSE when conducting its activities. Good performance with regard to quality, ship safety, security, occupational health and safety and environment is the most important thing for the success of our business. We strongly prioritize these issues, therefore, we are committed to:

  1. Protect the health and safety of our personnel at all times and under any conditions;
  2. Understand and meet the requirements and needs of our customers and strive to exceed their expectations;
  3. Comply with applicable laws of the Flag State and Port and other requirements relating to our services and environmental aspects;
  4. Identify, minimize and control the risks related to occupational health and safety, environmental impacts and security threats;

The OHSE Management System and Plan is established to ensure that adequate safety standards are incorporated into all aspects of activities and safety considerations are at the core of safe facility operations with the aim that there is zero accident, no harm to humans, and there is no environmental damage. We use this system to help us work safely and achieve our OHSE objectives.