Our Bussiness

Business activities


The scope of the business activities of the company is devoted to travel, among which are:

1. Run a boat rental business (chartering) with various types of ships, including supporting activities of oil and gas companies as well as other mining, among other tug (tug), passenger ship (crew ships), AHT and Ahts, SPOB, floating storage Download (FSO), floating production storage and unloading (FPSO), lodging and working barge;

2. Run the business activities of shipping for goods and passengers between the ports of Indonesia that is done gradually and regularly and/or cruise is not fixed and regular;

3. Doing business as a representative (representative of the owner) of the freight shipping company, either fixed or cruise cruise will not be left to cross inside and outside the country; And

4. Run a freight transport business using the gas oil/cistern.




The company was a shipping line that specializes in the provision of a fleet of offshore vessels to support business activities of the oil and gas industry upstream. The company classifies its business activities into two groups, consisting of agency and shipping services with the following divisions.


Cruise Services

The company rents the ships from their own base within the contract-based timeframe (time letter) in exchange for a tender result rental or the results of the negotiations between the two sides. During the rental period, the tenant is responsible for paying all the cost of the trip, including fuel and port. On the other hand, as owner of the ship, the company responsible for the ship’s crew, the maintenance of the vessel, spare parts and other operating expenses, where the entire cost was taken into account, in exchange for an agreed rent by both parties. In a letter of time, this regime, customers who rent a vessel and a team in its entirety for a certain period.


Groove Cruise Services Process (Time chart)


In the vessel rental operation, after obtaining an explanation or demand from the clients ‘ agreement, the company will carry out some revisions to the availability of vessels and physical inspection in advance in order to guarantee the viability and operation Fulfilment of the customer’s request. After the vessel is eligible, then the company would send ships to the clients in their operational area.

It is not surprising that during the operation, there are various purchase supplies or client requirements (such as the pipe installation, the provision of clean water or food) that are not included in the rental contract. Related to it, the company will provide additional services with an extra service fee that the company pays in advance.

In the provision of the service, the company can obtain the payment or reimbursement may be charged during the operation and/or after inspection and restoration of the vessel is completed. This will depend on the agreed payment conditions in the charter service agreements or services contracts.




The company became the agent in connection with the rent of third-party ships depending on the term-based contract (time-letter) in exchange for a tender result rental or the results of the negotiations between the two parties. During the rental period, the company responsible for the owners of the ship satisfies the guarantees of obligation to a tenant according to a contract. On the other hand, the owner of the vessel responsible for the company to meet the conditions established in the contract.